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PennDesign Alumnus Wins ‘Home: What is the Future?’ Competition

By Weitzman
Nov 15, '18 9:41 AM EST

Dazhong Yi (MArch’18) received the Innovation Award from online research platform In “Home: What is the Future?” competitors were asked to consider “the impact of population shifts, the unpredictability of our changing ecosystem, contemporary forms of community housing and community relations, and newly engineered materials.”

Yi's winning submission, titled “Above the Tire,” was created in Volkan Alkanoglu's 704 Studio in Spring 2018:

“Above the Tire’ combines the technological advances of self-driving cars with microscale living. In cities like Los Angeles, the proposed site for the prototype structure, this form of housing could revolutionize the relationship between the vehicle and the home, and maximizing the benefit of this form of new technology.