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    Valuing Uniqueness

    By Christopher Parsley
    Mar 15, '21 12:52 PM EST

    Originality and creativity is one of the main things that architects can put into their designs, and of course they can draw upon ideas that came before them; however, still trying to adapt them to fit within the site it’s placed.  When buildings start to follow this cookie cutter concept we lose that uniqueness and personal connection to the site.

    This article is not to say that all repetition in this sense is frowned upon because in certain circumstances where materials are short and a common design helps to facilitate resources it is totally acceptable. Though once you change locations and circumstances change then the design should change with it.  For instance, a company keeping the same layout of all of their buildings no matter where it is located. Yes this allows for the customer to know exactly what experience they should expect, but is the goal really to create a place that may not belong or work with its surroundings. 

    Site adaptation is how architects tackle the constraints of the site, and make a design that in a way takes on the personality and culture of what surrounds it but still being its own. Finding creative ways that work around the issues, like too much direct sunlight causing the area to heat up or traffic from a nearby freeway creating a lot of noise for the future tenants. There are some many different ways that an architect may tackle this, the only limit is their imagination. 

    In a class I’ve taken called journeys we had discussed that everyone is going to experience things differently even if they have gone through the same situations. The reason for this is because we each had a different perspective in which we saw the events occur. Each lot of land, even though it may seem to experience the same situations as those around it, still has its own perspective on what is going on around it. The most important thing the design can do is to build upon that perspective and tailor it to fit the site and create that external connection that some buildings lack. 

    The more something is done and repeated, the more it chips away at its overall uniqueness and what makes it so special.


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