Anthony Vengoechea

Anthony Vengoechea

Phoenix, AZ, US


The Stella Hotel bryan-tx

Ever since man has had the capacity to dream, weary travelers have looked to the stars for guidance. Restless nomads, worldly sailors, bold adventurers - all wandering in search of a place to settle down, a place to call home. The Stella is that star, shining brightly and steering travelers under the Texas sky to a place called Bryan-College Station.

The Stella welcomes all to feel at home, rest their heads, savor the awe-inspiring views of Central Texas and explore a fresh new perspective. Because The Stella’s small part in the world is an inspiring one for the senses and the soul. Let us guide you home, under the stars, to a place that shines above all others.

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Status: Built
Location: Bryan, Texas
My Role: Project Manager/ Mechanical Engineer
Additional Credits: Alger Triton International