Vanessa Mallon

Vanessa Mallon

jersey city


Artists' Fusion

A seven floor facility containing sixteen different dormitories for four types of artists : sculptors,

architects, dancers, and filmmakers; located in the center of down town Savannah, Georgia. At the

corner of Bull and Jones Street the building is separated by four forces besides the artists’ own

characteristic forces (commercial, residential, public, and work). The artists are placed within the

building according to their own characteristics and are fused with other artists through their similarities.

Their similarities create framed views between the fused artists and form direct or implied

views. The sculptors are fused with the architects due to their similarity of working of objects and

create a direct view of physical contact. The Filmmakers are fused with the dancers due to their

similarity of working with movement, thus creating an implied view of framed view points on the

façade of the studio workspace where the filmmakers project their work and the dancers are place

in front of it to view and share ideas. The artists’ containers or dorms are made up of two floors, the

first floor is their work space where it is open so that the artists within the container can interact and

socialize while they work on their small projects. The second floor of the containers is their living

space which holds their bedroom and bathrooms. Each artist’s containers are placed according to

their characteristic the spaces that are formed between each container form social terraces where

the artists interact with each other. The gallery space is split into two different floors, where on one

floor the architect and the sculptor display their work and on the other floor the filmmaker and

dancer display their work, the studio is also formatted that way.

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Status: School Project
Location: Savannah, GA, US
My Role: Architect