Valeria Colavita

Valeria Colavita

Itala, IT



Daily, I live passionately everything I come in contact with and I feel that no other choice would have been possible for my life except this magical architecture.
I face it dreamy, maybe beacause I am still too young or maybe beacause I had too little working experiences : I really desire to learn and I aim high.
According to me, being an architect is a life mission; it is not a job; it is a life style, a way to live. We can feel it forever or never know it. I like thinking that who takes this way, take the blame of pursuing his/her own and other’s happiness. We can not live alone in this world, where everything is architecture and where we create it first with our presence and natural aggregative instinct. For me, ar- chitecture is construcion and non-construction. But especially we are the ones who, in accordance to continuous choices, move, create spaces, and hence architecture.
Architect’s duty is to provide alternatives: first of all the possibility of being free, and feeling the potentialities of life. I ask myself what I desire, how I would like to live and the only possible answer for me is that I want to realize this dream, for me and for others.
One day, I would like to be one of those that feel “their” spaces very strongly; I would like to know how you feel to see our ideas coming to life. I wonder which is the limit between contemporary art and architecture............ if it exists.
I’m looking for emotions and ... architecture moves me. Valeria Colavita


Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Barcelona, ES, Architect intern

Now, from the past July, I am part of EMBT Miralles- Tagliabue Team In Barcelona for a stage of six months. Here I am working on big scale projects, like the competition for Expo 2017 in Astana and several projects in China. I am really happy to have obtained this opportunity, essential for my education, where I am learning new methods of work.

Jul 2013 - current

Philippe Samyn and partners, Bruxelles, Architect intern

From June 30, 2012 until September 30, 2012 I worked as a trainee, with an Erasmus Placement Grant, in “Philippe Samyn & Partners” Office, in Brussels. I worked there on two important projects: REPA New building for the European council “Residence Palace” (execution phase); BRUTELE: Competion for an office building.

Jul 2012 - Sep 2012

S.B.Arch., Roma, Architect intern

As a part of my educational curriculum, I participated in small scale projects with adequate involvement in building design. From February 2012 to April 2012 I worked as a trainee at the “Studio S.B. Arch Bargone e Associati”, where I received first-hand experience in organization, teamwork and responsibility.

Mar 2012 - Jun 2012


Sapienza - Università di Roma, Roma, Masters, Architettura u.e.

I pursued my master degree with the maximum grade, 110 cum laude

Sep 2007 - Mar 2013

Liceo Scientifico “Augusto Righi”, Roma, High School, Liceo scientifico

Sep 2002 - Jun 2007


Architecture licence - professional abilitation, Other

State exam -june 2013, Roma. Ordine degli architetti


Erasmus Placement, Grant

I won a grant to work six months in Philippe Samyn Office in Bruxelles


Fellowship “Ernesto e Iole Maggi”, University La Sapienza of Rome, in 2009, 1st Place