UNUM collaborative

UNUM collaborative

Denver, CO


Lady Jane

As a team, we strove to create a space that was both modern and clean, but incorporated nods to historical aesthetic movements of mid-century design. The use of rich, natural materials such as wood and marble offer a stark contrast against the concrete shell. While elements like the breeze blocks and plaster planters and seating, along with the palm trees and hanging plants, evoke a south beach vibe that invites the outdoors into the space. The cantilevered, stepped wood soffits were designed to create a dramatic moment as you enter the space, framing the occupants' view. While the clean lines of the bar and soffit bring the focus through the space. Special attention was given to the seating design. The large banquettes and booths offer opportunities for large groups to gather, but also afford the ability to have an intimate conversations. As for us, we prefer grabbing an old-fashioned at the top booth of the stadium seating, a perfect place to quietly people watch with friends. 

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Status: Built
Location: Denver, CO, US
Firm Role: Architecture and Interior Design