University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, IL

Architecture Tryouts weekend workshop

Fri, Nov 8 '13 - Sat, Nov 9 '13
845 West Harrison Street, Architecture + Design Studios, Chicago, IL, US 60607

The Architecture Tryouts weekend workshop provides an opportunity for participants to design an urban pavilion through an accumulative series of activities—Draw, Cut and Fold, and Document and Exhibit. This targeted introductory design project is supplemented by faculty presentations and discussions with faculty and current architecture students. The weekend will end with a review of the work and reception attended by faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Architecture Tryouts is for those currently pursuing an undergraduate degree or working in another field who are thinking about graduate studies in architecture. It is also ideal for those who simply have an interest in learning more about architectural design.

For more information contact Stephanie Niebuhr at or visit:

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