Tuighon Kohkan

Tuighon Kohkan

Istanbul, TR

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I am Tuighon Kohkan, a seasoned professional with three years of experience in architecture following my graduation. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to the field, contributing to various architectural projects. Notably, I finished my bachelor's degree with the highest position among my peers, showcasing my commitment and proficiency in the domain.

Currently, I am actively engaged in enhancing my skills and knowledge in urban conservation and planning. This capacity-building initiative reflects my dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and contributing meaningfully to the broader scope of urban development.

My journey is defined by a passion for architecture, a track record of excellence, and a commitment to continuous professional growth. I look forward to further challenges and opportunities that allow me to leverage my skills and contribute to the dynamic landscape of architecture and urban planning.


Faryab University, Faryab, Afghanistan, Lecturer

I served as a dedicated Lecturer at Faryab University from August 2020 to September 2022. During my tenure, I played a pivotal role in establishing the Architecture Department at the university, successfully navigating through exams and obtaining approval for the department's inception. As a testament to my capabilities and leadership, I was selected as the Head of the Department, a position conferred by the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan.

My responsibilities encompassed not only the delivery of architecture courses but also the strategic leadership necessary to initiate and oversee the department's activities. This role was particularly significant as it coincided with a challenging period marked by the Taliban's decision to disallow girls from pursuing education, leading to my eventual exit from the university.

Despite the challenges, my commitment to education and the advancement of the architecture department remained steadfast. I take pride in being the first Architecture Lecturer to establish and lead the department, contributing to the academic landscape of Faryab University and leaving a lasting impact on the educational legacy of the institution.

Aug 2020 - Sep 2022


Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, TR, MArch, Urban conservation and planning

During my tenure as a lecturer at Faryab University, I pursued further academic excellence by applying for master's scholarships in Turkey. Leveraging my strong educational background, I secured a place in one of the premier institutions, Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, specifically in the Urban Conservation and Planning program.

My experience in Faryab University and my dedication to academia played a significant role in the high acceptance rate for the scholarship. Now, as I near the completion of my master's degree in Istanbul, my academic performance reflects remarkable scores, underscoring my commitment to excellence in the field of Urban Conservation and Planning. This journey has not only expanded my knowledge but also added an international perspective to my expertise, further shaping my passion for contributing meaningfully to the realm of urban development.

Jun 2022 - current

Kabul Polytechnic University, Kabul, AF, BArch, Architecture

Having successfully passed the rigorous national Kankor exam, I earned a coveted spot in the esteemed Architecture Department of Kabul Polytechnic University, a distinguished institution in Afghanistan. Throughout my academic journey, I demonstrated exceptional dedication and proficiency, culminating in the completion of my bachelor's degree with the highest honors—achieving the first position among my peers.

My studies were marked by a strong commitment to excellence, a passion for architecture, and a rigorous pursuit of knowledge. Engaging with a comprehensive curriculum, I delved into various facets of architecture, developing both theoretical understanding and practical skills essential for the field. The environment at Kabul Polytechnic University provided a rich academic experience, fostering intellectual growth and preparing me to excel in the dynamic and demanding field of architecture.

As a graduate with first position honors, I not only validated my academic prowess but also established a foundation for a promising career in architecture. My time at Kabul Polytechnic University was instrumental in shaping my understanding of the discipline and instilling in me a commitment to the highest standards of academic and professional achievement.

Mar 2014 - Nov 2019

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