Teodora Velkova

Teodora Velkova

Los Angeles, CA, US


En Vogue: Climatic Couture for the Urban Stage

Burnham 20/20 3rd Prize Winner

With Chicago’s four seasons rapidly merging into two turbulent ones, it is time to strip the ineffective glass coats from its modernist towers and dress them in climatically appropriate couture. By adopting Mies’s Federal Center as a mannequin, and clothing the buildings in climatically responsive garb, we set the stage for city fabric as a theater of fashion. Seasonal costume changes give buildings anthropomorphic qualities, encouraging new forms of empathy between humans and environments. Newly reanimated, once empty plazas and Ferro- vitreous husks become confident, flamboyant models for vivacious couture.http://chicagoarchitecturalclu...

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: 1 of 4 Architectural Designers
Additional Credits: Teammates:
Kristiana Burgi
Martha Kriley
Shany Albalak