TOLO Architecture

TOLO Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


Sherman Residence

The Sherman Residence is located on a hillside site above the San Fernando Valley. The site is a record of the horticultural history of the area, as it includes indigenous trees and plants, such as large oaks and sycamores; orange and avocado trees; and other non-native plants such as palms and succulents.

In developing the relationship between the interior spaces of the house and the extraordinary landscape, the house was conceived as a series of concrete and glass pavilions that form a courtyard at the base of the hillside. Interstitial gallery spaces provide for circulation between the pavilions. The porosity of the glazed pavilions allows for both visual and physical connection between the more public and private spaces of the house. A singular low-slung, modulating roof with deep overhangs holds together the composition and creates a strong sense of enclosure. The building uses board-form concrete construction, a refined version of a conventional method of forming foundations. Employing standard 2×12 lumber as a module, this technique is used as a proportioning system throughout the building.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits:
PROJECT TEAM: Peter Tolkin, John R. Byram, Christopher Girt, Craig Rizzo, Angela Uriu, Eric Townsend, Anthony Denzer
ENGINEERS: Joseph Perazzelli (Structural), John Ott & Associates (Civil), Brian A. Robinson & Associates (Geotechnical)
LANDSCAPE: Wade Graham Landscape Studio
CONSULTANTS: Tree Life Concern Inc. (Arborist), E&J Engineering & Energy Designs (Title-24 Energy)
PHOTOGRAPHER: Peter Tolkin, Grant Mudford
AWARDS: 2001 Excellence Award Southern California Ready Mixed Concrete Association