Sujin Shim

Sujin Shim

New York, NY, US

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Hi, I am currently a student at Columbia University GSAPP in the AAD program. I will graduate this May. I am highly interested in interdisciplinary building design solutions.



AnLstudio, Seoul, KR, Junior Architect

I did various types of programs during this work, such as housing, school renovation, entertainment, and daycare center. Half of them were interior design and renovation, and the other half was housing. So I could achieve great progress within the company while collaborating with various team members to create innovative design solutions.
On the construction site, I experienced a state of wild nature that I could not feel from my academic architectural experiences. The organism-like architecture was connected to humans and nature, my experiences of constructing buildings became a chance to raise much more passion inside me.

Jun 2020 - May 2021


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, Advanced Architectural Design

As a person who will become an architect with an insight into the future, I have been challenging various problems by incorporating a variety of ethnics, species, and climates with scrutinizing the present. By researching how life and the environment are changed as time passes, I like to explore the form and space of buildings suitable for the next generations, and also to suggest a resilient system to cope with changes.

Jun 2021 - current

Yonsei University, Seoul, KR, BArch, Architecture

I studied Architecture at Yonsei University. Back then, I wanted to explore the environmental design suitable for 2050, and also suggested a resilient system of architecture to cope with changes in human social activity, by researching and analyzing why we are increasingly vulnerable to the negative externalities of climate change or natural disasters as time passes.

Mar 2013 - Feb 2020

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