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Nobu Cabo Hotel

Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the new Nobu Los Cabos Resort is the embodiment of Japanese Mexican fusion. Opening up to expansive views of the ocean, interior and exterior spaces fuse together in seamless transition. Our role encompassed the design of the hotel interior and Nobu restaurant.

As you approach the hotel, walls are clad in rough stone, providing a sense of Cabo's native materials.  As you journey through the hotel, you are introduced to smooth textures and warm hues of teak and ipe. A play of sun versus shade throughout the interior and exterior bring a design-in-motion element to the project giving the hotel a serene yet playful experience.

Clean lines of Japanese design are seen in the designs of custom furniture pieces, wood soaking tubs, shoji inspired closet doors, and Japanese inspired lanterns and accessories. Spaces contain the heart of Cabo's laid-back style through the use of color, rounded edges, geometric art pieces, and rough textures. The materials are simple yet rich in quality providing a luxurious and sensual ambiance to the hotel interior.

The restaurant expresses its respect to Nobu history through its open floor plan, neutral-toned colors, delicate textures, and clean lines. Characterized with various seating levels, the restaurant provides various niches for private parties, intimate dinners, family gatherings, and friendly get-togethers.

The main floor of the restaurant houses a full bar, sushi bar, event dining space, outdoor lounge seating with fireplace, and seating perched above a pool edge. Descending onto a lower level, guests enjoy a sweeping deck with lounge seating. This area creates a break from the busy restaurant above while also providing guests with a more intimate connection to the beach.

As Nobu hospitality continues to flourish we sought to maintain the values associated with the Nobu brand; therefore explored what laid in the soul of the local culture and translated it to embody the characteristics of Nobu culture: casual elegance, luxury, fun, and craft.  Through our material palette we embodied luxury and quality; with clean lines we embodied refinement; with color, fun; and with light and shadow, playfulness. As we ruminated in these concepts, we created spaces we felt were both stimulating and tranquil; embracing the lively culture of Mexico and the serenity of Japan.

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Status: Built
Location: Cabo San Lucas, MX
Firm Role: Interior Designer