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Guggenheim Helsinki design by Stallan-Brand

By Stallan-Brand
Dec 22, '14 9:05 AM EST
looking up
looking up

Stallan-Brand's acclaimed design entry for the Guggenheim Helsinki design competition ...

"The building looks like a giant sea urchin, a pinecone, a snowflake, an explosion, or the kraken from the depths. Our Guggenheim Helsinki proposal is visually arresting yet uniquely contextual. The buildings spikes and skew spires animate the Helsinki skyline, yet the architecture integrates with the landscape against park Tähtitornin vuori. Our proposal playfully oscillates between the sea, land and the city, leaving visitors and viewers with questions."

Design Statement

"We have designed a dynamic museum environment that will celebrate the value of the artistic process
by imaginatively presenting acclaimed artworks in alternate environments enabling artists to connect with the public in new and meaningful ways. Our design will present different spatial and exhibition space arrangements ranging from formal and traditional formats between artwork and viewer through to more immersive experiences ...

Serious consideration has been given to the creation of contemporary civic space that would not only attract visitors, but also compel visitors to engage with their surroundings. We have created a gathering place for city residents of all ages, from skaters to grandmothers, and a must-see destination for global tourists. Additionally the amenity of the waterfront location will welcome visitors year-round. 

Whether by day or night, light or dark, the architectural personality of our proposal can be creatively presented to respond to whichever cultural celebration the calendar presents. Fireworks or frost, our architecture will be a must see."