Silas Haslam

Silas Haslam

Washington, DC, US

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First Prize - Second City's Second Coast: An Intervention Along the Chicago River

From Perkins+Will's DLC Challenge:
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"The 200+ acres of land, just south of Chicago’s urban core, is one of the largest remaining areas that is looking for a creative solution to vitalize this otherwise underutilized opportunity. Over the last 75 years or so, this area in particular, on the river adjacent to Chicago’s Loop, has been slow to develop, remaining mostly infrastructure or vacant.

Part I-Develop a master plan
There was no set program for the competition this year. One of the primary design problems was to develop a master plan or overall site strategy that addresses the following: develop a master plan with a specific purpose that addresses one specific issue endemic to a city’s development, generate ideas for the area that rethink and redefine both the built environment and the vitalization of the public realm’s relationship to the broader context, and integrate existing infrastructure or buildings that maintain current operations is still in service or adaptive reuse of defunct buildings.

Part II – Develop one component of the master plan
Choose one element of the master plan and develop in detail. There was no specific requirement for what this element is other than the proposal provided a focused level of exploration and representation in the spirit of the proposed master plan. The developed component could be a building, a major interior intervention, a brand proposal, an object or public art piece, a landscape feature, a manifesto or public policy, etc."

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Team Member
Additional Credits: Yanwen Xiao