Seth Embry

Seth Embry

Brooklyn, NY, US


Urban Exploratorium

PROGRAM: Adult Wilderness Park
LOCATION:New York, BAM-Adjacent
CRITIC: Peter Macapia

The Urban Exploratorium is a schism in the heart of ‘respectable’ Brooklyn, a fracture of wildlife and open possibility in a city where rules and real estate increasingly govern the death of art and experimentation. It is forest and aviary, spa complex and cruising thicket, masquerade procession, rave, and playground for those unafraid of what they might find lurking within.

The components of which this rupture-structure is assembled were generated initially from Wolfram’s Mathematica software, summoned from the void and then pruned and permutated into approximations of geometry with inherent qualities and  definable methods of interaction. Using a discrete set of rules, aggregations developed into spaces in which the narrative possibilities of the environment might unfold.

This is not sanitized, stroller-friendly Brooklyn by any means.

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
My Role: Design