Seokhyun Kim

Seokhyun Kim

New York, NY, US



Companies often try to own the air through trade practices such as the purchase of air rights and the right to pollute carbon credits. The amount of air pollution produced by companies is greater than any other private figure.

Numerous companies are constantly developing and producing air pollution in their major industrial sites, such as cancer alley, paying the penalty for the pollution. These companies are headquartered in major cities like Manhattan. An example is the current Jp Morgan Chase Building, the former Union Carbide headquarters at 270 Park Avenue. To that end, the new rules we've created put the cost of air pollution into their brag, Headquarters, with new rules intervening.

Depending on their level of contamination, the lobby, elevators, offices, meeting spaces, and observation decks in the headquarters are occupied. These spaces are used by public organizations and the public to prevent air pollution. The starting point for this rule, which will apply throughout Manhattan, is JP Morgan's new headquarters.

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Status: School Project
Location: 270 Park Ave, New York, NY 10172
My Role: Pair Work_Research, Idea, Drawing, 3D modeling, Visualization