Sarah Stypulkoski

Sarah Stypulkoski

Bergenfield, NJ, US

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I graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Architecture, and minored in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. My interest in sustainability of course from my own personal interests - I am an active member of my town's environmental committee, and I also greatly enjoy the outdoors, and spending a lot of my free time there.

My architectural experiences, both throughout school and in professional environments, have sparked in me a dedication to conscious and thoughtful designing. I have always wanted to contribute to the field of architecture in a meaningful way, and my personal interests have greatly influenced my path in this industry, leading me to pursue a sustainability minor in school as well as achieving LEED accreditation as a professional. 

I have had a lot of time to develop as a person and as a professional, and to really understand what type of architecture I want to contribute to - It is not one single type, say residential or restaurants, but instead it is more a methodology that I find value in. When presented with a new project, I believe it is essential to consider all facets of the potential design and construction, and to consider the social, cultural, and environmental context as well, so as to create a beautiful design that holistically answers all of the desires of both the client, and the context. That methodology, along with an open stream of communication and a strong team, will ultimately lead architecture that is both beautiful, and successful.



Pulice Williams Architects, Leonia, NJ, US, Junior Architect

Worked simultaneously on residential and commercial projects through SD, DD, + CD phases, with site visits throughout the various stages of contruction.

Managed multiple projects in various stages of design/construction at a time, and oversaw one to two interns at any given time working on smaller jobs.

Gained experience speaking with clients, contractors, and product reps, as well as creating conceptual and marketing imagery for client meetings and zoning / planning board presentations.

May 2015 - Jun 2017


New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, NJ, US, BArch, Architecture

I Graduated from NJIT's accredited 5-year Architecture program with a B.Arch degree and a minor in "Environmental and Sustainability Studies"

I acheived Dean's List at NJIT from 2010-2015, was an Albert Dorman Honors College Scholar, and also a recipient of the NJIT Faculty Scholarship.

During my time here I volunteered with our AIAS chapter to help provide convenient and affordable access to drawing and model making supplies, and I also worked as a Resident Assistant on campus for various resident halls.

Sep 2010 - May 2015


Freedom By Design & OTC "Facelift" Competition, 2nd Place

The Occupational Therapy Center of Burlington County contacted NJIT AIAS Freedom By Design to host a one-day facade design/renovation competition for their training center for the developmentally disabled. My team's design was awarded second place.


Undergraduate Research Institute Student Seed Grant, Grant

In 2014 I applied for, and presented my proposal for, a grant for my architectural thesis project. I was awarded a $500 grant, but due to restrictions on how to spend the grant, and the limited approved vendors the school had partnership with, I was unable to take advantage of the grant money for my project.

My thesis statement:
"The ideas of resilience and sustainable design are becoming a thing of superficiality, where there is no true consideration for the context or the origin of the materials and design. The building industry has the most influence and we must surpass LEED requirements, which only initially engage sustainable thinking, for this is not the way to a healthy future. A truly living building, one that coexists symbiotically with the environment and the inhabitants presents a more integrated way to a sustainable future. How can architects begin to design with such considerations."


NJIT Design Showcase, Other

Recognition for architectural excellence by meeting and exceeding criteria set by the New Jersey School of Architecture (NJSOA)