Samuel Xia

Samuel Xia

Irvine, CA, US


Detailed Planning for Huidong Southeast New District in Sichuan Province

In the project,

I joined a team with other three designers in the project. Each of us was responsible for one part including primary school, kindergarten, residential community, medical center, and commercial district. In spite of different types of building, we had to keep the same style of architecture but also make it unique. We discussed how to choose different materials, elements and patterns for different building type. Also,
we used some similar elements, such as sloped roof, same shading devices.

I independently accomplished the schematic design and the SkethUp model building of a kindergarten and a primary school. I transformed the wood roof truss -a local characteristic element - into a shed roof with timber frame and glass for the primary school building. This design reflected my design wisdom, and was appreciated by the other team members and the client as well.
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Status: Unbuilt