safae amahrir

safae amahrir

Larache, MA


The railway station of Hay Riad, Rabat, Morocco

The Tangier Med Ferry Terminal is a large structuring equipment of Tangier and the  entire northern region of Morocco. It is a link that connects it to its Southern Spanish and thus Europe.

The port is located on a site which includes sea and hills, water and greenery, it links these components of the site and creats a connection that doesn’t only facilitate the passage between the city and the harbour but also becomes an urban sculpture and a turbulent  painting that marries aesthetics and function.

The connection is made in the form of bands which arises from the wall fence of the port and goes all the way to the roads leading to the ferries.

These bands are change materials from concrete to grass to form an array of animated land art that decorates the site.

The bands are not only a sculpture landscape but also a roof shelter, a bridge, and a double skin for the station
A major band with a width of 10m, changes function along the way, starting in as a parking and road shelter, then it  changes function approaching the station to become a bridge over the railway station, to end up as a protective double roof for the station.

The travelers port is different than the ferry haror because it offers a vast green space for the space users to rest before or after taking the ferries to the other side.

This conception of Tanger Med ferry terminal, is designed to not only to provide function of aesthetics but also suggest a new orientation towards Europe in a way that has been seen before!

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Status: School Project
Location: Rabat, MA
My Role: designer