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UWMilwaukee to offer Architecture LOOC

By snatraj
Jun 26, '15 1:44 PM EST

UW Milwaukee Department of Architecture will offer a section of Arch 100 as a Limited Open Online Course (LOOC) this Fall 2015. LOOCs provide a tuition-free open online class while retaining the sense of community of a small course. Architectural Making I (100-203)was opened for the LOOC students. The section is facilitated Prof. Mark Keane and is monitored by teaching assistants. This course is open to any high school junior or senior of good standing much like an AP course. It is unlike a MOOC, in that once it starts, the course is not open for all to drop in. Access is granted by the Department of Architecture (

Partnering high schools will provide high school credit for the course, with college credit delivered via Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) on a per student basis.

Professor Keane has been teaching his blended course to all architecture majors for over a decade, and an on-line section to non-majors for 7 years. Four years ago, a section was opened up to accommodate Youth Options students in high schools across the state. The LOOC is the next logical step in outreach, providing free access to the field of Architecture from the state's sole Architecture program.

The course textbook for 100-203 is Draw to Build, co-authored with Professor Linda Keane, AIA, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Architecture.