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Studio sponsor Spancrete receives Corporate Partner Award

By snatraj
Oct 26, '14 9:17 PM EST

The UWM Alumni Association will present Spancrete with the Corporate Partner Award, which recognizes corporations or non-profit organizations which have a significant impact on the campus and/or on the lives of alumni and students by assisting in the advancement, growth and/or development of UWM. Spancrete will be recognized with other UWMAA award recipients on November 14, 2014.

For the past eight years SARUP students have designed projects in the Spancrete Studio, an award-winning architectural design studio sponsored by Spancrete. “Every year, students using the Spancrete Studio at UWM take advantage of advancements in technology and the guidance and critique of our building engineers,” says Spancrete sales associate Clinton Krell. “And every year the students’ projects get better and better.”

This studio provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in an academy-industry dialogue. The student works from the Spancrete Studio, along with the pedagogy employed, have been presented at a national academic conference on building technology teaching, where the Spancrete Studio has been recognized as an innovative teaching environment for architecture students. These student works have also been exhibited at numerous professional venues.

Spancrete has also sponsored the Student Design Awards at SARUP for the past 10 years.

Spancrete has been innovating the precast industry for almost 70 years, designing precast products, perfecting production processes, engineering hollowcore systems and authoring the standards for research, design, production, installation and safety in the precast industry. The company has been recognized for these innovations, most recently in 2013 with the Eureka Award for Innovation in Precast.

Gil Snyder, Associate Dean of Architecture and Urban Planning, says the Spancrete Studio program is great for teaching students advanced thinking and problem-solving skills. “The Spancrete Studio is the first of its kind in architectural schools, and it really allows students to see how far they can push the limits of architectural design. The program has been such a success that we are now working with the Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute and have created similar studios across the country.” In 2013, Professor Snyder received the Distinguished Educator of the Year award from the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute for his creation of the studio and partnership. In addition, students from the studio have routinely won awards in design competitions.

In addition to sponsoring and supporting programs a SARUP, Spancrete has made regular contributions to the community, supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fox Valley, and the Ronald McDonald House. Spancrete also provides scholarships to deserving students.

Awards received by the Spancrete studio:
Snyder, G. 2013 Distinguished Educator Award from the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.
Brown, C., B. Silva, H. Reymond. "inflow:REVIVAL." 2011 PCI Student Architectural Competition First Place Award. (G. Snyder, instructor)
Rohde K., R. Schmidt. "cognition:INTERCHANGE." 2011 PCI Student Architectural Competition Third Place Award. (G. Snyder, instructor)
Lodle, J. "symbiosis: Aquatics and Farming Join Urban Housing." 2011 PCI Student Architectural Competition Honorable Mention. (G. Snyder, instructor)
Forseth, J. "Extrusion: pulling precast into Context." 2008 PCI Student Architectural Competition First Place Award. (G. Snyder, Instructor)
Vanden Avond, D., J. Wagner, M. Martin. "Insinuating: A coalescense of structure and volume." 2007 PCI Student Architectural Competition First Place Award. (G. Snyder, Instructor)
Finnegan, B. "Serene Separation." 2007 PCI Student Architectural Competition Second Place Award. (G. Snyder, Instructor)
Badic, J. "Integration: an Amalgamation of environments." 2007 PCI Student Architectural Competition Third Place Award. (G. Snyder, Instructor)
Flickinger, A. "Concrete Attenuation: A PCI headquarters for a more sustainable future." 2007 PCI Student Architectural Competition Honorable Mention. (G. Snyder, Instructor)
Davis, J., J. Mory. "Site Specific" 2006 PCI Student Architectural Competition First Place Award. ( M. Jarosz, Instructor)