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AIM: Architecture Information Modeling is UWM Student Startup Challenge Winner

By snatraj
Mar 9, '15 4:48 PM EST

Architecture Ph.D. candidate Amin Mojtahedi, and his partner, Tahereh Hosseini, an electrical engineering Ph.D. candidate, are among the winners of the UWM Student Startup Challenge, as  co-founders of AIM: Architectural Information Modeling. “AIM is an evaluation and simulation tool that captures, maps, and analyzes the dynamics of socio-physical and socio-spatial patterns in educational and organizational settings. The ability to map these patterns is critical for identifying social, physical, and spatial resources that make a certain learning or knowledge strategy successful. In addition to its potential benefits for those involved in the fields of education and knowledge management, the tool can also be used by architects and their clients in the earliest stages of conceptual design. This not only allows both parties to explore a wide range of design possibilities while eliminating many expensive and time-consuming pre-design processes, but also unlocks the potential of the built environment as a resource for cultivating effective learning and knowing strategies.”


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