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Dec '11 - Mar '13

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    Ayax Abreu
    Dec 8, '11 2:58 PM EST

    Hi everyone, this is the first post of "Der Architectural Amanuensis". A blog entitled to document, through personal impressions, the line of research, theory, experiments, and lectures currently happening at the Städelschule Architecture Class.

    (I will also try to 'abuse' the platform that Archinect supposes to launch the relatively modest status of our beloved SAC through a conversation with architecture students worldwide...)

    First off, here are some pictures of salient work from our 3rd episode of the 'Physical Episodes in the Construction of Space' series. An exercise we are  having with Johan Bettum about Advanced Architectural Design.


    (Work by Kiwoo Kim, Peter Khraptovich, Anand Jariwala and Melissa Swick)

    "The work consists of physical modelling and drawing exercises - the first of which comprise the making generic and scale-less objects ..."

    This is part of our 1st year education in 'Advanced Architectural Design' in which the year is divided. Later we will have the 'Critical Spacial Practice' and 'Performative Design' courses. Concurrently, we are theorizing through the readings of Robin Evans 'The Projective Cast' -Architecture and Its Three Geometries- and 'Supercritical' -Peter Eisenman Meets Rem Koolhaas- of the AA publications.

    We also did a laconic trip to Stuttgart to meet with Achim Menges and Sean Ahlquist from the Institute for Computational Design (ICD). We checked out the startlingly impressive pavilion that the ICD and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE), fabricated with their in-house machinery.


    I personally think that no one (that is interested in computation) should miss the opportunity to be the first generation of their Master program at the University of Stuttgart opening next year. and you know what? it is even tuition free.



    Last month, we had a Ben Van Berkel lecture. Ben's iconic presence is undoubtedly a benefit to the SAC, at least in terms of image and status. He talked about his most up-to-date techniques in his process of design and gave a quick review of his well-known work (Pavilions at Cincinnati and GSD , Galleria Citycenter, Villa NM, . M. Benz, Graz Music Theatre, etc etc), and his seemingly efortless way of producing architecture.
    A synthesis of his technical and bottom-up methodologies, scientifically reviewed through "guided experience and expertise."


    (Photo by Sean Buttigieg)


    We demand your voice through this media, please comment! and feel free to participate in this forum if you are interested in studying in Germany and specially here in the Städelschule Architecture Class.


    Thank you!!




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