Rosa-Elena Matos

Rosa-Elena Matos

Brooklyn, NY, US

NYC '6th. Borough'
NYC "6th. Borough"
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Urban Design Pratt Institute Portfolio

"Hyperdensity" is taking place in global cities. The project for NYC addresses the need for additional space and explores the concept of creating a "6th. Borough", located in the East River. Research examined the use of obsolete cargo ships as the foundation for an artificial island and ice patterns were explores to develop the topography.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Developed

NYC '6th. Borough' Location
NYC "6th. Borough" Location
NYC '6th. Borough' Accretion Landscape
NYC "6th. Borough" Accretion Landscape
NYC '6th. Borough' Ice Pattern Analysis
NYC "6th. Borough" Ice Pattern Analysis
NYC '6th. Borough' Cargo vessels used for island foundation
NYC "6th. Borough" Cargo vessels used for island foundation
NYC '6th. Borough' Detail view
NYC "6th. Borough" Detail view
NYC '6th. Borough' Ambient view
NYC "6th. Borough" Ambient view