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An Innovative Blueprint for Rural Healthcare


The new corporate office for M-Swasth,  a leading name for providing innovative solutions to the healthcare challenges in rural India, stands as a beacon of progress and compassion in the urban backdrop of Gurugram. In response to the crucial need for accessible healthcare, this thoughtfully designed space serves as a bridge, virtually connecting healthcare professionals from various cities to patients in remote villages. Operating as a digital healthcare service provider in small district villages across India, M-Swasth offers virtual Outpatient Departments (OPDs) staffed with medical attendants who assess patients' concerns and connect them with online doctors for consultation. This visionary concept, founded by Neeraj Maheshwari, has rapidly expanded to accommodate over 2500 employees across four branches in India presently.


 Located within the Vatika Business Park in Gurgaon, this corporate office spans 2600 square feet, serving as a multifunctional hub that houses a call centre, corporate workstations, and meeting areas. Despite the challenges of specific external facade guidelines and urgent spatial requirements, the design team executed a modular setup within 60 days. The office layout includes a call centre with twenty staff members managing communication between nurses and doctors, workstations for forty employees along a reception area and teleconferencing rooms.


The design ethos prioritises simplicity, functionality, and a seamless fusion of colours. As the brand's vibrant blue logo serves as the guiding hue, it gracefully extends across lacquered glass dividers, pin-up boards, and screen dividers in the workstation areas. Contrasting to this is the easy-to-clean matte grey flooring. Further, subtle hues of taupe, beige, and light tones unite the elements, resulting in a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

 The corporate office embodies M-Swasth's commitment to grassroots healthcare, reflecting the synergy of technology and humanity. A dedicated recreational area with a collection of books adjacent to the conference room caters to the founder's passion for reading. A small cafeteria features wrought iron and wood furniture, accompanied by a busy floor tile design. The reception area, though small, is intentionally minimal, aligning with the company's low walk-in traffic. This efficient and aesthetically pleasing office space serves as the heart of Swast M-Insure's expanding operations.


This space is not merely an office; it's a testament to innovative thinking and purposeful design. It encapsulates the client's unwavering commitment to revolutionising healthcare delivery in rural India, where advanced technology and human compassion converge, promising a future of inclusive healthcare for all. M-Swasth's corporate office symbolises a new era where innovation and empathy pave the way for positive change, offering hope to millions in need.


Project Name: M-INSURE Corporate Office

Location: Gurgaon

Client: Young Entrepreneur, Founder of M-INSURE

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Status: Built
Location: Gurgaon, IN