Raphael Montoya

Raphael Montoya

Los Angeles, CA, US


Re-Urban: Multi-Family Modular Housing

The city of Edmonds, Washington, is characterized
by its suburban sprawl and vehicular dominated
transportation. The municipality recently developed a
new master plan to move towards a pedestrian-oriented
corridor with improved public transit and up-zoned the
commercial zones along Highway 99 to mixed-use. It
created a new master plan intended to move towards a
pedestrian-oriented corridor with enhanced public transit.

This project aims to create a housing community that is
reflective of the city’s goals. A pedestrian-oriented strategy
for the complex is set in two phases to accommodate the
future growth and development along Highway 99. Four
modular unit types can be stacked and arranged in linear
bars. The design utilizes solar orientation to site the housing
bars and create a public-private courtyard while achieving
the Phase 1 desired density of 60 units. Over time, as the
surrounding area increases in population and density, an
additional 30 units are added to the north end. The Phase
2 housing bar shapes a second courtyard, and reduces
the amount of onsite parking to be account for improved
connectivity through the cities transit plan.

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Status: School Project
Location: Edmonds, WA, US
My Role: Designer