Rania Odeh Affan

Rania Odeh Affan

San Francisco, CA, US


OASYSTEMS - A Development Center for Hydo + Agricultural Education

MLA Professional Report at UC Berkeley

The Middle East is comprised of mostly desert and very arid landscapes. Access to fresh water is becoming 
increasingly limited as the population expands 
exponentially and resources are being overused. In order to restore a dependable and clean water supply in desert environments, there is a need to refer to and use a variety of methods of water sourcing and usage to inform the population and change existing design practices and lifestyle expectations. 

Fog catchment, phytoremediation of groundwater, and filtration of wastewater are implemented in a design strategy and developmental phasing plan in an attempt to restructure water sourcing practices for a more sustainable future.

Recognizing that Al Khatim is a developing city that will need expansions beyond the immediate OASYStems site, a phasing plan has been developed to accomodate the growing population’s housing, educational, and infrastructural needs. The development of the site is broken down into three phases: Phase One: Educational Center and Community Park; Phase Two: Housing and amenities for displaced and/or underserved 
communities; and Phase Three: Housing for economic expansion and urbanization. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Al Khatim, Abu Dhabi, UAE
My Role: Landscape Designer