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Happy V's Day RAW-NYC Architects

Feb 12, '21 1:57 AM EST
RAW-NYC Architects in Google Maps- Downtown Dubai and Dubai Design District
RAW-NYC Architects in Google Maps- Downtown Dubai and Dubai Design District

February 12- 2021

Since valentine’s day is approaching.. I have been thinking of THE LOVE I want to celebrate this year.. my deepest passion and my biggest commitment…

and I realized It is my love to create.. to design.. to inspire.. to empower… which led to RAW-NYC Architects

Then I thought of the time when I established the Dubai office in 2014, I wanted my studio to have the BEST LOCATION in the City

so our 1st Location was in DOWNTOWN DUBAI- next to the Palace, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and the Fountain. We were there from 2014-2016.

Then came the 2nd Location - DUBAI DESIGN DISTRICT.

I loved the concept of the creative community - the first of its kind in the UAE.

We moved in 2016. We were one of the first tenants and we are still there. #rawnyc #d3

Yesterday, I was in the office as we had a deadline..

When I left I wondered when will I be in the office next!

Since March 2020, we hardly use the office and it breaks my heart to see the office empty….

We are all working virtually from home except few times that we go to the office. #physical-office #VirtualOffice

Thanks to the big desktop computers that bring us back to our physical office for renderings purposes and yes it is hard to justify expensive rent for a space empty of people since COVID started..

I am however grateful for the times when we were all there in our physical office, enjoying our location, our space, the buzz, and the community..

so THANK YOU for this gift of LOVE…

Happy Valentine’s Day RAW-NYC Architects

(RAW) stands for (RAYA ANI WORKS) NYC for New York City #rawnycarchitects #NYC #RAWNYC #rayaani #raw

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