Francisco Perez Alcantara

Francisco Perez Alcantara

London, GB


Heliotropo Arts Centre

This architectonic intervention it is suggested in the Urban Plan for the North of the city centre of Seville. It comes from the knowledge of the arts and crafts heritage of the neighbourhood.

Moreover I have to highlight the strategic emplacement of the building. The intervention on it can be read as a acupuncture strategy in the urban network, which gives the enough permeability to take the necessities in the urban fabric.

Related to the architectural value of the intervention, it is important to say that actually it has certain relevance. We are talking about an ancient hat fabric from the beginning of the last century. The work is form the famous regionalist architect called Jose Espiau Muñoz.

According to all this factors create a strategy intervention with the creation of a Leading Management Office for all these workshops and small enterprises, which are all organized and localized in three main Production Centres. The alteration of the emplacement affects to all the buildings except two and in between them a new building is built. It helps to communicate the other two old buildings and generates new spaces to compliment the program of the Management Centre.

The demolition of the rest of the buildings generates a structure of three courtyards that helps to recognize and organize the space. The apparent simplicity of the cross plant becomes more complex in the section inspired by the previous metallic structures of roofs above the areas for drying the hats. Furthermore the program service program it is complimented with a rental housing in the perimeter for the artist with workshops in the ground floor. For instance the whole project has been thought as way to turn the arts and crafts into a competitive entity in the productive market of Seville.

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Status: School Project
Location: Sevilla, ES
My Role: Design, structural calculation and detail development