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Paula Escobar

Bilbao, ES

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My name is Paula Andrea Escobar and I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I’m a student of architecture in La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, I’ll start my fifth year in July 2020 and that consist of a practice in an architecture company, therefore I’m now actively searching for jobs in the north of Europe.

To live and work in Europe has always been part of my plans for the future and also my dream, after living in Spain and Italy I really would like now to have the experience of live in the north of Europe. 

My passion is the cities and how the place where we live can influence our behavior and the huge impact that architecture have in our day by day life.



Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, CO, Bachelors, Architecture

In the first two years the curriculum focuses on the basic knowledge that we must acquire as professionals in architecture, design and construction.

From the third and fourth year the curriculum focuses on projects and five subjects that comprise it, making it a process that is very close to reality, as macro and micro areas are constantly explored.

In my case during my third year I chose the following projects:
1. Urban centers. This project was without a doubt my favorite and the one that I most identify with.
2. Urban facilities. This project is carried out on a scale very different from the previous one, it is also quite interesting and enriching.
3. Architectural heritage. (during this period I made my exchange at the polytechnic university of Madrid)
4. Popular housing. This project was very interesting and I consider it an essential theme for an architect trained in Latin America.

Now the fifth year is based on internship and thesis.

Jan 2016 - current

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