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    We interrupt our regular programming to bring you: stacked wood + next-use

    Nicole Fichera
    Dec 14, '11 10:44 AM EST

    Good morning Archinecters:

    I know this is a professional blog, but I'm deviating a bit today to show one of my school projects. This was my senior studio project, a collaborative effort with Pamela Andrade. Our studio professor was Michael LeBlanc of Utile, and since Pam is also working at Utile while she finishes her M.Arch, we were asked to present our project as a lunch'n'learn today.

    I don't have a ton of time to explain this today, so I'm going to post some images and follow up with a more detailed explanation later. We had to prototype a new kind of integrated building system with a high degree of technical resolution. Then, we applied that system to a 'next-use' building: a building with no defined program, that was both specific and flexible enough to adapt to different programmatic uses over its lifetime [offices, efficiency housing, a library extension, classrooms, etc]. The site is on the Tufts University campus across from the library.

    Our structural system uses post-tensioned stacked wood modules [inspired by the Zumthor Swiss Pavilion] on a highly articulated concrete base. More to run!

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    • ariana

      this is gorgeous! i cannot wait to see the finished design!

      Dec 14, 11 4:20 pm  · 

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