Peter Normand

Peter Normand

Chicago, IL, US


Travel Without Burden

Travel Without Burden is a way to move society towards a sustainable future by providing an attractive and provocative transit system that can effectively move people both physically and spiritually.


The Lawndale Avenue Station will be located in a neighborhood that is a mixing point between expanding Mexican and Korean neighborhoods.  The station’s architecture melds the two distinct cultures.  The north façade has a motif derived from Korean garden fencing and windows whose mullions evoke the feathery serpent of Teotihuacan or Quetzalcoatl.  The atrium has geometric lines that evoke the Aztec architectural traditions and arching steel trusses that evoke bamboo fronds swaying in the wind.  The Lawndale station is designed to be a destination in of its self with retail office and community space as well as a regular farmer’s market that can operate indoors during the winter and can expand to 250 portable stalls in the summer.  Storage is provided on site for each cart with some refrigerated storage available.  The design is daring with the intention of the architecture and public art being interesting enough to drive ridership up and to draw tourist to the station and the surrounding communities.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, Il, US