Beirut, LB


Y Chalet

The PARALX design approach always questions typologies, and Y Chalet is no different. This private residence in Faraya, Lebanon does not subscribe to the traditional “swiss chalet” profile of most homes in the area. Instead, it draws from the local topography to enhance views of the adjacent mountains, mimicking the natural plateau upon which the house sits. 

The 6,757-square-foot Y Chalet is located between the ski villages of Mzaar and Faqra. Inspired by the surrounding rugged environment and the nearby natural Faqra bridge, its monolithic form is clad with roughly textured agglomerate tiles that are manufactured locally. The white stone wrapping the polyhedron gives the house the appearance of blending into the snow in winter, and standing out in the summer. The building envelope is punctuated by a series of strategically placed windows and expansive glass that effectively projects vistas into the house and brings the outdoors in.  

A basement level houses a car park, utilities, and ample storage space for skis and mountain bikes; and two floors above grade host living and recreation space. The interior of the house is designed around the living room’s dual orientation to the north and south with continuous sliding glass. When both elevations are open during the summer, and a prevailing northern wind is blowing across the valley, the space is naturally cooled and ventilated. Beyond the wide sliding windows, the front garden and grassy backyard further blurs the line between indoor and outdoor delineation. During winter, a large skylight oriented southward brings in sun exposure and helps warm the interior. On the second level, a sky bridge connects a children’s bedroom to the parents’ private space, and doubles as a reading area for both adults and children. The adult’s room on the northern side of the house also features a wide, movable glass exterior wall.   

Though used primarily as a ski house, Y Chalet is also a pleasant summer home. People often escape the hot and humid coast in favor of the cooler mountain climate--Y Chalet is just 30 miles from Beirut. In the summer, the owners of Y Chalet can enjoy biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the mountains.  

Y Chalet was awarded a 2018 Single-Family Residential Architecture award from AIA Los Angeles. 

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Status: Built
Location: Faraya, LB
Firm Role: Architecture
Additional Credits: Project name: Y Chalet
Location: Faraya, Lebanon
Client: Confidential
Architect: PARALX
Year of completion: 2018
Total Square footage: 6,757 sq.ft.
Project Scope: New Construction
Project Status: Built
Room or Space: Single Family House
Photo Credits: Bahaa Ghoussainy