Olga Philippova

Olga Philippova

Vienna, AT


LINK_DIPLOMA PROJECT/studio Greg Lynn/ Philippova Olga

Building design code has been crucial to setting standards for architectural projects, however, not only does it cater for a general group but also lacks human experience. It sets obstacles in approaching architecture as a dialogue between user and creator, ultimately rendering it a monologue. Individuals are growing beyond society, with many different needs and requirements, therefore my proposal considers one overlooked, but very important aspect; inclusive design.
In Link, I propose developing new architectural languages based on requirements for special needs persons, which take into account visual experience, navigation principles, socializing, and activity.
This workflow is through a game platform that mirrors people's personas into virtual avatars, creating a bridge to a world that is seen from their perspective. The method simulates different scenarios and collects user data in a series of playable quests. This is to find the best possible iteration of the existing building design code for people who are physically challenged.

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Status: School Project
Location: Vienna, AT
My Role: architect