Oksana Gritsay

Oksana Gritsay

Los Angeles, CA, US



            I am a recent graduate from a post-professional Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media Program at SCI-arc, which emphasized design and its implications for architecture.

            During my studies, I developed a strong work ethic, superior communication skills, the ability to think conceptually and expertise in a wide variety of software programs. Before attending SCI-arc, I received a professional degree in architectural design after completing six years of study in Russia. Sustainable architecture was the main focus of my studies in Russia. Additionally, I learned to innovate around the limitations imposed by Russia’s strict construction code and harsh climate. I believe working under these tight restrictions forced me to become a more innovative designer, who looks past limitations to see opportunities.

            SCI-Arc’s post-professional program was a great addition to my architectural education. At SCI-Arc, I have learned to find a different ways to design architectural spaces and their physical envelopes. I have developed my design ideas through scripting and digital simulations. Ultimately, I have used the latest fabrication methods, like a 3D printing, CNC-milling, robotics and digital animations, to bring my designs to life.

            Through the diverse mix of experiences in my background, I have developed my own approach to architectural design. However, while the architect’s individual approach will add to the style of a given project, I believed that the designer should allow the unique requirements and conditions of each project to make the greater contributions to the project’s style. Thus, in the design process I am not beholden to my own particular sensibilities but allow my sensibilities to find expression within the particulars of a project. I value versatility and often experiment with models by incorporating new materials and fabrication techniques.

            Several of my projects demonstrate my versatility in architectural design. For instance, a small team and I developed and fabricated an elastic skin made from casted rubbers and stretched over a rigid frame animated by a microcontroller for a robotic sculpture. Also I assembled my final project at SCI-Arc using an Arduino microcontroller, which allowed me to incorporate movement directly into the model rather than using animations as a presentation technique. I would like to explore ways to implement these techniques in to actual architectural design.



Designer/Self-employed, Los Angeles, CA, US, Designer, Photographer

• Designed the cover and the booklet of the rock band album CD disk from scratch utilizing Adobe Photoshop to draw up a sketch and the final design and to perform various photo processing procedures.
• Developed the logo and the social network profile for the rock band using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
• Conducted the photo-shoot for a cruise agency based in San Francisco, utilizing the professional photo equipment. Did post-shoot editing in Adobe Photoshop.
• Performed street photo shoot on more than 10 professional photo models. That included costume design, background perspective selection, and professional glamour retouch using Adobe Photoshop.
• Redesigned the interior of a private apartment in Redwood City from scratch. Selected proper materials for the wall finish and floors; managed the implementation of the project.

Nov 2012 - current

Private architect V. Korolev, Architectural Assistant

Private architect V. Korolev conceptualized prefabricated wooden single-family houses designed for the harsh climate of Russia’s Eastern seaboard areas.
Worked with a small group of architects to take advantage of unique wooden construction materials, which were well adapted to the moist environmental conditions.
In the course of this project:
• Designed promotional presentations for the projects on Microsoft Power Point. That also included the professional photo scanning with post-processing in Adobe Photoshop and the presentation slides composition.
• Built 3D models in Rhinoceros 5.0 stemming from the scanned images.
• Drafted plans and sections of experimental model in Autodesk AutoCAD.

Jun 2010 - Jun 2011

In-Group, Interior Designer

• Developed the design-concepts for the interiors of the living room and bedroom of a luxury apartment using watercolors.
• Build 3D Max models of an office interior using V-ray as a rendering plugin.

Jun 2009 - May 2010


Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, ESTm

SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.

Sep 2013 - Sep 2014

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Vladivostok, RU, BArch, Architectural Design

Sep 2005 - Jun 2011


"Frozen Waves Park" project in urban park landscape design from Russian Union of Designers, 1st Place


"Frozen Waves Park" project in XIV Open Regional Exhibition/Architectural and Design Contest work of youth for Urban Park Landscape Design, 1st Place


"Acapulco Green Tower”, Honorable Mention

International Competition, Acapulco, Mexico


"Attached Solar House" in 17th Specialized Exhibition of "Construction", Award


Areas of Specialization