Operation Resilient Living & Innovation (ORLI+)

Operation Resilient Living & Innovation (ORLI+)

New York, NY



Daniel Horn, RA, AIA, LEED GA
Apr 21, '17 2:07 PM EST


In an effort to realign an expanded role and vision for itself, Operation Resilient Long Island is announcing its new and repurposed name, Operation Resilient Living and Innovation Plus (ORLI+). ORLI+ sees the change as a necessary evolution of the efforts of the organization. Founded as a response to the need for more inclusive and forward thinking resilient community planning after Superstorm Sandy in NYC, the efforts of the organization have moved beyond typical regional boundaries to apply the lessons learned during Sandy to vulnerable communities around the world. It is in this spirit that ORLI+ reframes the organization's name to include “Living and Innovation +” where “Living” stands for a holistic concept of sustainability and community wellness; “Innovation” for new ways of seeing problems and developing solutions that are forward thinking, appropriate, and honest; and where “+” represents the addition of crucial relationships and partnerships both communities and professionals alike must make to create true and sustained progress towards resilience. This shift in focus and brand signifies a new and exciting chapter for ORLI+. 

The mission of ORLI+ is to foster the development of resilience in communities vulnerable to environmental risk and disruption. The ORLI+ approach leverages strategies of research, engagement, empowerment and design to move towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

ORLI+ operates on four core principles of Research, Engagement, Empowerment and Design. Researching and disseminating strategies for innovative approaches to achieve resilience in communities is crucial for creating a global network of grounded solutions. Reimagining the role of design professionals and processes through engagement facilitates a more inclusive, integrated and resilient dialog. Empowering communities to invest in their futures to pursue living strategies, initiatives and projects based on their local situation and needs produces sustained forward movement towards resilient visions and plans. Designing resilient solutions for communities facing future disturbances and disasters, both natural and manmade, is paramount in catalyzing change and action. These core principles will drive the operation of the organization.

This rebranding comes at a time when ORLI+ is also adjusting its business vision and scope of services. As always, ORLI+ maintains its focus on Community Resilience, highlighting the hardtechnical aspects, complex environmental systems and soft social aspects of resilience. Newly, ORLI+ has expanded its scope of services to include consulting on a variety of resiliency aspects including technical and systems based solutions, resiliency training and certifications, as well as community engagement and empowerment. We look forward to consulting opportunities with both design professionals and communities as we strive to continue our pursuit of fostering community resilience, playing an active role in the resilient living movement. For more information on our approach to resilience, to find out how ORLI+ can help your community or organization plan for a more resilient future, or if you would like to partner or collaborate with ORLI+ on resilience related projects, feel free to contact us.