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631 Lofts

Interior remodel to four 1,900 square foot penthouse apartments to re-position them in the market as boutique short-term rental units.

These two-bedroom penthouse units were built the 1990s atop an Art Deco–style building in downtown Santa Monica. The goal was to reconceive them as short-term rental units for young Silicone Beach tech creatives.

The budget mandated that the most be made of what was already there. Influenced by the work of L.A.'s maverick architecture scene in the early 80s, dubbed the “L.A. School”, finishes were removed from the ceilings exposing the wood structure to add warmth and character. New wood screens at the entryway and wood guardrails on the stairway echo the existing structure tying the space together. When existing carpet was removed the plywood subfloor was in unusually good shape, so it was clear sealed reflecting the casual loft aesthetic.

Simple white kitchens with stainless steel and wood accents were redesigned for better connection to the loft. Originally a dead-end galley kitchen, the new layout allows for circulation through the space, creating good party-flow. Large statement pieces like the large Noguchi-like paper lanterns add great design impact.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US