Kuwait, KW


Bayan Tea

Inspired by the Chashitsu, this project seeks to embody the traditional Japanese teahouse. The space maintains a relatively minimal aesthetic with a subdued material palette. An emphasis is placed on the main tea serving space. The design expresses the sentimentality and indulgence that takes place with the simple act of drinking tea. This space utilizes a simple yet sophisticated tasting area that also functions as a workspace. The project uses multiple elements from the traditional Japanese teahouse. Exposed wattles are present throughout the space and is seen throughout the washing room. An alcove is also utilized to house several decorative elements that are placed near the entrance. The space merely expresses a hybrid of traditional Japanese architecture with a contemporary twist.

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Status: Built
Location: Kuwait, KW
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photographer: Mubarak Al Shamroukh / Mohammad Al Shamalli