Nico van der Meulen

Nico van der Meulen

Johannesburg, ZA


House DUK



The clients requested a spacious modern house that expressed its appreciation for outdoor living. Situated in a private eco estate, it was crucial that the open plan glass and steel house opened onto the garden. Consequently this custom design developed into a layout that encouraged such a lifestyle.

As the site slopes towards the street, terraces were built with gabions and natural rocks to enclose the north side, with the highveld savannah beyond it where game roams.

At the glass front door, an interesting contrast is created by the transparency and openness behind the solid entrance walls. You can catch a glimpse of the floating staircase as you move through the house, giving the home an airy feel.

Escorted graciously through the living spaces into the garden, you are introduced to the main bedroom which appears like a floating block hovering in mid air.

The concept of floating elements is evident from every perspective and vantage point; as a result this architectural design constantly draws attention.


M Square Lifestyle Design made use of off-shutter concrete, rusted steel, natural wood and stone to marry creative form and function with the natural surroundings of the villa.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities supplied the furniture, lighting and accessories from manufacturers such as B&B Italia, Molteni & C, and Roda.

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Status: Built