Nicholas Ingagliato

Nicholas Ingagliato

Cleveland, OH, US



Whereas traditional architectural representation tends to privilege drawing types that mobilize cartesian perspective for space. This project introduces light, color, and reflection to perceive the idea of collapsing time and flattening the typical cartesian conventions. TankSPACE problematizes perspectival norms through light and color, allowing the particles that accrue and appear to give the impression of flattening the depth and volume generated by the tank. Defining the logics of perspective through transparent containment accompanies the accretion of particles in a field that allow the viewer’s mind to begin to wander.

James Turell claims transcendent and spiritual perception through this trick of the infinite void allowing him to create archival images. Unlike Turrell’s projects that tend to eliminate corners, this project is reliant on the edges by adding them rather than subtracting them to create visual austerity. Tank Space aims to create Affect through the notions of effect and does not rely on cartesian perspectives; but challenges the conventional understanding of Turrell’s illuminated void. When Turrell eliminates corners, he explodes the containment where I tend to welcome it causing the viewer to lose their sense of place.

The shimmer and shine of the pixels produced through the camera lens are captured through self-reflexive, stop motion operations to create a visually abundant environment composed of radiant ovoids. Filling the container with platonic particles liberates the eye of the viewer. This creates a seemingly impossible series of superimposed spaces that are no longer defined by the typical cartesian perspectival norms.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Film/Media: Jessica Barness, Vera Camden, Dan Kneece, Bennet Schaber, Vivian Sobchack, M. James Stock

Architecture: Majeda Alhinai, Fredrik Hellberg, Kristen Kreider, Sean Lally, Jimenez Lai, Lara Lesmes, Mark Linder, James O’Leary, David Ruy, Liam Young, Ivan Bernal, Keyla Hernandez, Brendan Ho, Jean Jaminet, Taraneh Meshkani, Ebrahim Poustinchi, Steven Rugare