Mitch Karr

Mitch Karr

Minneapolis, MN, US



We must realize that our success, or failure, inevitably hinges on the manner in which our work serves to facilitate the well-being of a society built around exchange in increasingly complex social, and cultural networks. We must realize that, even now, as technology increases the rate of this exchange, that the well being of these networks still depends solely on the health of the impulse - the human being, and that no other profession finds itself as uniquely positioned to affect the well-being of the Human Condition, as that of the Architect.

The Human Condition, as it has for a thousand years and more , needs only the thoughtful manipulation of form, space, and light - the essential elements of architecture - to thrive. It cares not for imbued meaning or sweeping gestures, but rather, flourishes when left to discover a singular significance unique unto it’s own relationship with the space it occupies. 

This is not an advocacy for stasis, but rather, for a renewed commitment to the process of investigation, and for the preservation of the singular human experience. Through the responsible application of “new,” the Human Condition will prosper as never before. But without responsible investigation and research, we risk progress for the sake of progress, and at the expense of that singular experience - which ultimately determines our collective success as a profession, and well-being as a society.



MSR, Minneapolis, MN, US, Architectural Designer

Oct 2013 - current

Doran Companies, Bloomington, MN, US, Architectural Designer

Brought on to help a large construction office with an Architectural Division complete the design of, and create contract documents for several large projects due to begin construction around Minneapolis / St. Paul early in Summer of 2013. Became familiar with the issues inherent in construction of mid-rise PT concrete structures, and gained insight into the workings of a large construction office. Workplace experience consisting of:

- Office coordination though participation in regular Development Meetings.
- Project schematic and developmental design.
- Final production and review of construction drawing sets.

Jan 2013 - current

Anderson Knight Architects P.A., Minneapolis, MN, US, Design Consultant

Working Remotely as a design consultant, helping to take several projects through schematic design phase. Delivering:

-Design Programs.
-Schematic plans, sections and elevations.
-Diagrammatic images, illustrating design intent and project organization.
-Digital renderings to help clients visualize the early iterations of their project.

Sep 2012 - Dec 2012

Anderson Knight Architects P.A., Manhattan, KS, US, Intern Architect

Intern Architect with experience in a broad range of professional areas including:

-Project schematic and developmental design.
-Project management and coordination.
-Final production and review of construction drawing sets.
-Conveying project intent through rapid freehand and digital renderings.
-Construction Administration.

Aug 2010 - Feb 2012

Blueville Nursery, Manhattan, KS, US, Installer

Installer at a large regional Nursery and Landscaping operation in Manhattan, KS. I worked with the same crew for four years, eventually taking responsibility for supervising several other installers at job sites away from the direct supervision of our crew foreman. Experience with projects ranging from residential to large commercial, including:

-Large retaining walls of various construction types and methods.
-Patios, garden walls, fountains and various other architectural landscaping features.
-Site grading, seeding / sodding.
-General installation of trees, shrubs and various other planting varieties.

May 2007 - Sep 2010

Fariway Homes, Wichita Heights, KS, US, Framer

Member of a framing crew erecting custom homes. Gained practical experience in all areas of traditional, residential construction.

May 2006 - Aug 2006


Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US, MArch, Architecture

-First Year - Environmental Design Studio - Basic spatial investigations, and development of artistic skills

-Second Year - Architectural Design Studio - Investigations into design problems of varying complexities and scales. Developed the ability to create a coherent scheme and develop it into a schematically realized project

-Third Year - Architectural Design Studio and Design Build - Member of KSU's 2007 entry for Solar Decathlon Design Build Competition. Furthered my ability to digitally investigate, and model projects to help achieve a more complete understanding of the design process.

-Fourth Year - Graduate Architecture Studio and Study Abroad - Focus on the realization and development of a project across varying scales of design - from formal gestures, to construction details. Studied abroad to gain a more worldly view on design and art.

-Fifth Year - Graduate Architecture Studio - Focus on master planning at a local scale, programming within that plan, and finally developing a fully realized project. Emphasis on utilizing several forms of digital representation and media to help investigate opportunities, foster dialogues, and successfully illustrate the realization of an idea to clients and other outside parties.

Aug 2005 - May 2010

Centro Studi Citta Di Orvieto, Orvieto, IT, MArch, Archicture

A full semester abroad. Based in Orvieto Italy, I had the opportunity to travel extensively while studying the culture of art and design in Europe. While at Centro Studi, I continued to develop my own skills as an artist and designer, focusing especially on my ability to communicate my ideas through mediums such as writing, sketching, and watercoloring.

I also played a ton of soccer and saw the Matterhorn with my own eyes, which was pretty awesome.

Jan 2009 - Jun 2009


Heintzelman Award, Honorable Mention

Academic Award Finalist for Premier Thesis Project


Areas of Specialization