Mel Tan

Mel Tan

Santa Ana, CA, US


OUSD - Downtown Educational Complex

The Downtown Educational Complex was designed to incorporate the highest level of green technology from its inception.  Hi-thermomass walls and low-speed high-efficiency room fans provide non-compressorized air conditioning, natural daylighting strategies, rainwater harvesting, recyclable building materials and an edible garden all powered by roof mounted PV panels designed to produce a net zero facility.

The campus consists of a child development center, a K-5 elementary school, a program based 9-12 high school, a community health clinic and a multi-purpose/gymnasium as well as the district's IT center and TV studio.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Oakland, CA, US
My Role: Lead Project Designer
Additional Credits: PGA-Landscape Architects
OLMM-Structural Engineer
Taylor Engineering-Mechanical Engineer
IdEAs-Electrical Consultants