MdeAS Architects

MdeAS Architects

New York, NY


Gramercy Loft

The Gramercy Loft channels the building’s Nineteenth Century charm by highlighting its historical details within an expansive, modern design. Amidst New York City’s desirable neighborhood, the space harmonizes an elegant aesthetic and parlays the noteworthy Gramercy Park nearby through conscience-driven spaces. The voluminous high ceilings and open floor plan lends itself to covetable flexibility in Manhattan while maintaining the integrity of the building’s architectural identity.

The carefully selected palette of materials found in Gramercy Loft embraces the warmth and welcoming feeling iconic to its neighborhood. The signature pattern of the Black Limba wood frames the living and dining rooms while the usage of Flat Sawn Teak and Oak Vulcano Medium wood contemplatively carve the thresholds toward the more secluded parts of the loft- the bedrooms. Flexibility in design allows for versatility of use within the common living space. Within minutes, the moveable Black Limba wood wall reveals an entertainment system creating a coveted room of leisure and activity

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect