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Manan Vikam

Los Angeles, CA, US

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Experienced Project Architect with formal training in Visual Scripting, 3D Modeling, and Animation. As an architect specializing in technology and software-aided design, I have extensive experience using 3D visualization and animation software to bring designs to life. I have a strong understanding of how to use technology to streamline the design process and create efficient and effective solutions. I am a team player with excellent communication and collaboration skills, and I have a proven track record of successfully working on projects with diverse teams.



Iram Boxwala Design Studio, Mumbai, IN, Senior Project Architect

 Implemented parametric and generative design techniques to introduce modular design solutions, increasing project speed and efficiency by allowing for reusable components and faster iteration on design decisions.
 Explored and implemented cutting-edge AI and ML technology to create and source digital art pieces, enhancing the design of an interactive luxury apartment with advanced visualization and computational design techniques.
 Identified the potential of adaptive reuse of existing furniture for a project and utilized XR and AR tools to visualize and achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout, resulting in cost-effective and sustainable design solutions.
 Created and maintained documentation for technical pipelines, workflows, and specification sheets, including crafting briefs and packages for external vendors.

Nov 2021 - Jun 2022

Mobile Offices MO-OF, Mumbai, IN, Project Architect

 Led the design optimization of a student hostel structure collaborating with project leadership using tools like Grasshopper and Ladybug, resulting in increased rainproofing, shading and energy efficiency.
 Collaborated with technical experts to create eye-catching designs, resulting in large overhanging spaces and angled volumes through careful evaluation and active involvement in design meetings and discussions.
 Developed a functional layout for a multi-specialty hospital by utilizing conceptual design skills and interdisciplinary criteria to incorporate hospital design regulations and input from biomedical engineers.
 Crafted the master plan for a university using Lumion and Unreal 5, by strategically placing courts to promote collaborative learning and effectively managed the production, coordination and oversight of all presentation and contract deliverables.
 Designed over 40 modular custom interior furniture items for use in different areas of a student hostel, adhering to technical and operational feasibility accounting for architectural tradeoffs and constraints.

Oct 2020 - Nov 2021

MALIK ARCHITECTURE, Mumbai, IN, Architectural Trainee

 Created a digital twin of the facade system using advanced software to improve understanding of structural elements and achieve accurate cladding solutions through digital fabrication.
 Utilized digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting to create physical models and prototypes of designs.

Nov 2018 - Apr 2019


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, MSAUD

M.S. Architecture and Urban Design (Technology Studio)
Relevant Coursework: Cyber Physical Architecture, Computational Design, AI/Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Metaverse Business, Procedural Modeling, Visual Scripting, Robotics and Architecture, Architectural Media, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Urban Studies.

Aug 2022 - Jun 2023

Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, Mumbai, IN, BArch, Architecture

B. Arch (Architectural Design and Building Construction)
Relevant Coursework: Architectural Design, Urban Design, Interior Design, Building Construction and Materials, Theory and Design of Structures, Architectural Building Services, Landscape Design, Theory of Design, Professional Practice, Humanities, Basic Design, Research Seminars, Entrepreneurship.

Jun 2015 - Oct 2020


Le Corbusier Trophy, 1st Place

The Le Corbusier trophy is the highest award a college or an institution can win at NASA, India. The trophy is awarded to the college with the best overall performance across all the trophies conducted by NASA, India in the particular year. The college receives a rolling trophy and with three consecutive wins, the trophy is given to the college.


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