Alexander Mailloux

Alexander Mailloux

Union City NJ, US



We must not merely be the artisans of space and place but rather, the shepherds.

Inherent in the beauty of studying architecture, all frustration aside, is its lifelong voyage of discoveries and experiences to which we owe the evolution of ourselves.  I was fortunate enough to experience the rigor and diligence of two complementary but distinct architectural pedagogies. Roger Williams University instilled my passion for perfecting analog techniques, but most of all, the significance of transcribing spatial ideas across the mediums of mind, pencil, paper, and physical realization.  At Pratt Institute I was able to use that foundation to develop outstanding proficiency in 3D modeling, rendering, and design. Honing my communication skills was critical in enabling a confident conveyance of provocative ideas, and just as important to couple with an ability to express design ideas to clients on a much more personal level.   Each teaching strategy challenged varying measures of my character but more so, tested my capacity to adapt and evolve with the industry and institutional transition towards digital methodologies. This swift transformation afforded me an extremely dynamic skill set balanced by an aspiring open mind. 


Avoid Obvious Architects, New York, NY, US, Architectural Intern

rendering, schematic design, design development,
3d modeling, visualization, competitions

Hands on in many facets of the firm from modeling to render post-processing, fabrication. Involved in design and development for expositions and competitions. Advancing clean accurate 3D models from construction documents to the specificity of the rendering on task.

Jun 2013 - current

Core.Form-ula, Brooklyn, NY, US, Intern

3d modeling, physical model making, visualization

Developing precise 3D models to specifications for 3D print fabrication, and physical modeling.

May 2012 - Aug 2012


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2011 - Oct 2015

Roger Williams University, Bristol Township, RI, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2009 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization