Mahsa Khanpoor SiahDarka

Mahsa Khanpoor SiahDarka

Melbourne, AU

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An industry expert in Architecture Design, Drafting and Environmental Engineering with an excellent understanding of Sustainable Urban Development and Runoff Mitigation, Heat Island Effect Solutions, mechanical equipment used in buildings, and construction cost reduction. Approaching Sustainability with a focus on an analytical aspect and using numerical simulations to predict the behavior of each design method. Experienced in software-simulation and surveying. Predicting the energy consumption of an existing or under-conception building with the help of different software packages and practices.
• Comprehensive knowledge of evaluation of building energy consumption through building energy profiles on an hourly basis. Computer simulations can be used to obtain this information but generating simulations requires a significant amount of experience, time, and effort to enter specific building parameters using a variety of software, as well as strong math and physics skills.
• Expert in Estimation and analysis of construction's energy demands and supply costs.
• Extensive knowledge of Natural Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water, as well as green infrastructure and utilizing it to mitigate urban heat island intensity
• Experienced in adept business operations by following projects from conceptualizing phase to construction, including system design, incorporation of customer needs, and technical support.



University of Tehran (UT), Tehran, IR, MArch, Architect and Sustainable Design

Sep 2014 - Mar 2017

University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, BArch, Architectural Engineering

Sep 2008 - Jan 2013


Winner of the 2nd Exhibition for the Selected Works of the Students of Architecture "From Workshop to Exhibition.", 1st Place

My Environmental Engineering and Architecture Design 2 Project which was selected in the academic year 2014-2015 as one of the Top Projects for Master of Science Degree to be shown in "From Workshop to Exhibition II" exhibition was also awarded the CEAT Award of Excellence.


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