Mado Samiou Architecture

Mado Samiou Architecture

Athens, GR


Aroma . Parfumerie . Rue Saint-Honore . Paris

By MadoSamiouArchitecture
Apr 29, '20 10:02 AM EST

"Aroma" is a high-end parfumerie, found on Rue Saint-Honore, in Paris, France. Diverse forms and various materials are all combined in a pastel colour palette, in order to produce a bespoke interior design.

Space is functioning as a showcase, almost as a museum of perfumes, displaying a limited edition of luxurious perfumes.

Interior walls are decorated with embossed gypsoum constructions. On the floor forged cement is combined with marble tiles. Terrazzo, forged cement and metal are used to create arches. A unique architectural language is used in order to create this world of aromas.