Madison Sacramone

Madison Sacramone

White Plains, NY, US


Senior Capstone - Modular Housing Prototype for the Homeless Community

Senior Capstone - Applied Research to Interior Design 

Savannah College of Art & Design

Summer 2019 - Spring 2020

Location; 23 W 20th Street. New York, NY

This adaptive reuse affordable housing solution will serve the homeless population of New York City, with a holistic approach that will encourage continued success with treatment and progress towards managing multiple needs.

This project will synthesize the needs of the rising homeless population and present new opportunity and assistance beyond traditional shelters with sustainable building systems for the well being of occupants as well as the environment.

A modular housing prototype will provide emergency shelter with the ability to retro-fit to existing structures. 

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Status: School Project
Location: 23 W 20th Street. New York, NY
My Role: This project was completed individually, I acted as researcher and lead designer.