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Dwell in a new shade.

A new space, sheltered under a vaulted mantle, gives new life to this house located in the Elche countryside around -in the city of Matola (Elche) - warm and humid climate and dry and sunny landscape.

The work done by the architectural firm MESURA goes beyond responding to custom design a large covered outdoor event space, a new room and a multipurpose room.

We understood from the reinterpretation of the building tradition, a clear, bold strategy is defined by a unitary system of cover breaking clear hierarchy between interior and exterior spaces and in the atmosphere, light, and comfort each place confers walls using ceramic as a filter, such as user interface (both warm and texture) and organizer of spaces.


Understanding the environment.

The first intention will be to limit the exterior spaces through a new built volume that generates a triangulation with the existing house and the pool.

Thus, physically separating the lived spaces of intimate spaces in relation to climate, natural lighting, visual, and the rich existing local vegetation. A new shelter under the shade, reorganizing the entire space.


Open spaces as a program.

The system avoids the floor indoor-outdoor hierarchy and attaches equal importance to use spaces defined as the most ambiguous.

However, the structural response is not equal to its longitudinal perimeter. While the vaults rest calmly north-west side, in the south-east (more linked to the use of the house) they remain suspended ostensibly a colossal beam is used to enable a huge space-from undetermined use, and flexibly that supports it and the possibility of a new life to the entire site.


Humanize the space.

The radical strategy of the project is also to service-not because of the anthropomorphic measures but the use of man; Generic user and client.

There is therefore a desire to modular high proportions regarding intellectually but to systematize to better meet the expectations of who, by definition is the ultimate goal of architecture.


From the piece to the building

The ceramic gives an optimal response to the wall constructive scheme proposed in the project. Besides being one of the local construction systems, materially gives spaces a uniquely comfortable atmosphere.

Together with a local ceramic constructor, studies and workshops are held for a ceramic piece that meets all design factors: one horizontal piece with explanations, manual cooking, difform textured, moody, arid and uneven.

If the proportion of the piece responds to the dimension of the facing, the Flemish training rig makes the use of one-piece format, without losses or special parts.

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Status: Built
Location: Matola / Spain