Mohammadhossein Foroutanmoghadam

Mohammadhossein Foroutanmoghadam

Tehran, IR



I do believe in architecture as the strongest tool in our disposal and in my opinion the core responsibility of an architect is to build the utopia which is described by society’s high values. Therefore my main concern is to find the true qualities and features of an ideal habitat for each member of society in any scale from landscape to urban design and trying to build it based on various fundamental factors such as aesthetics, technology and economy. This invaluable goal is accessible only by total awareness of community’s desires and needs, dominating the terms of construction and ability to transmute ideal mind images into actual architectural solutions. That is why I believe landscape architecture is the best mean to achieve that high goal. 
As a prospective student of landscape architecture, my main contribution should be in the field of public affairs. In addition to endeavour for practical architectural creation there should be also investment of energy and talent to develop the theoretical and researching side of this movement. Therefore I started a comprehensive research centered in the phenomena of "Garden-Cities", their fundamental principles, Eastern and Western examples and theories about this subject, and their possible appliances for betterment of Landscape designing. A main part of this research includes Garden-City of Isfahan and its paradises. As a matter of fact, Islamic culture have shown a great deal of Interest In the concept of “Paradise" as the representative of Heaven on Earth. I am planning to continue my researches and explorations through finding roots of Such variety in Landscape Architecture from Japanese to English and From French to Iranian versions of gardens and studying former attempts for defining and using these concepts in order to transmute them into applicable solutions for exciting complexities such as designating a modern model of garden-city adoptable for any human community from small towns to metropolises. 


Sarv Design Studio, Tehran, IR, Assistant Architect

Feb 2017 - current


University of Tehran (UT), Tehran, IR, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2012 - Feb 2017

Areas of Specialization